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How do antibiotics help dentistry?

For some people, taking antibiotics before their dental appointment is important. It might not be for a small treatment, but they can certainly help you. However, how in the world are they used in dentistry? Well, you’re about to find out why they’re used, and how they can help dentists. Now, antibiotics are something that are used to treat infections and problems caused by bacteria, such as respiratory tract infections, urinary, skin, and infected wounds and problems. It essentially kills off the bacteria and prevents them from multiplying. With this, it will help the natural immune system fight this off. Some kill on a wider spectrum, while others only affect a few types of bacteria. They do fight bacteria period, and not viruses, which is why if you have a cold, this won’t help.
How are they used in dentistry? Well, there are two ways that they are used. If you have dental abscesses of swelling because of a gum infection, they can be used. Just remember that these aren’t curative tre…