How do antibiotics help dentistry?

For some people, taking antibiotics before their dental appointment is important. It might not be for a small treatment, but they can certainly help you. However, how in the world are they used in dentistry? Well, you’re about to find out why they’re used, and how they can help dentists. Now, antibiotics are something that are used to treat infections and problems caused by bacteria, such as respiratory tract infections, urinary, skin, and infected wounds and problems. It essentially kills off the bacteria and prevents them from multiplying. With this, it will help the natural immune system fight this off. Some kill on a wider spectrum, while others only affect a few types of bacteria. They do fight bacteria period, and not viruses, which is why if you have a cold, this won’t help.
How are they used in dentistry? Well, there are two ways that they are used. If you have dental abscesses of swelling because of a gum infection, they can be used. Just remember that these aren’t curative tre…

How are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

For many people, when they see their Eugene dentist, they might tell you that the wisdom tooth needs to be removed. This might be scary, and people might wonder if they really need it removed, or if you can leave it alone. While it is up for debate in the medical community, it’s important to learn about it, and you’ll learn of the process of wisdom teeth and why they might be removed.
Now, these wisdom teeth are four molars that are behind your adult molars. They’re teeth that are only in the adult form, and you only get one set of them. There is only one set because early humans were likely to use the molars a lot, so the wisdom teeth are essentially a backup. However, as diets changed, with less tough, fibrous foods that could wear this down, you don’t really need them as much. Along with that, early humans had much larger skulls, which means that nowadays, we don’t need to have these teeth since often it crowds us. More and more people are getting them removed, so it’s not somethi…